About us

Welcome to Okmaraportdouglas.com. We started this website to share our Australia tour experiences and photos with the teachings we learned all through the way. During most situations, our travel budget was less but still, we ensured to enjoy the maximum on every trip.  We have experienced several fabulous adventures on every travel dollar. We enjoy getting out and exploring things on own. We follow the philosophy that one should not wait for the long weekend or holidays to enjoy themselves, experience and explore new things. Move out and explore what is going in your city. 

Take breaks and plan trips during the weekends. You can gain a lot of experience even by taking a day trip. Australia is a large country and we are planning how to discover and share about the country in the best manner. We hope you will find useful information, inspiration and planning tips which will help you during your adventures. We will keep you up to date with what to eat, what to do and see in Australia through our travel. Get in touch with us for any suggestions and feedback.